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Journal Entry II

Me with "LDP" program students Wilson and Beatrice

Me with "LDP" program students Wilson and Beatrice

Sunday, 7-26-09 “Evergreen Project” and “LDP” Program Dinner

Visited and worshiped at a sponsoring church. It was a lively Prebyterian congregation with a ton of children. Vibrant worship, had problems with the PA! Like we all do! I was a little surprised that there was a screen and projector (powerpoint), wonder if it was controversial!? Worship team was loud and could probably use a bit more rehearsal time but they are clearly in love with Jesus.

The Evergreen project works with kids from a nearby slum. Beautiful children. They loved the frisbees and soccer balls I brought over from our church. Had a blast playing with them on the gravel parking lot.

The pastor and the church seemed healthy and dedicated to the Compassion project. This is a good church with clearly displayed mission and vision. Good sermon from a guest pastor. Kids loved the stickers – they are a big hit!

Evening 7-26-09

Dinner with the LDP (Leadership Development Program) students. These guys are awesome! They are all in college but they have been through so much. Some, if not all of these guys grew up in Nairobi slums and had it not been for Compassion International their lives could be totally different. Wilson and Beatrice sat at our table and Wilson in particular said some profound things about how it isn’t just about the education they are able to get but the spiritual component that really transforms. God is important to Wilson and Jesus has clearly had an impact on his life. He says he has lost friends who had an education but didn’t know Jesus so they really don’t have what he has. (Amen!)

Beatrice is studying marketing. I can totally see that for her just from the way she carries herself and the way she interacts, she has a warm and inviting smile. She has had the same sponsor her entire time with Compassion. These kids (in their 20’s) have a “hope and a future” (Jer. 29:11). They also understand the importance of giving back. They sponsor kids and are required to be involved in helping other Compassion kids. Awesome!  They will be change agents and true leaders in their world. I am humbled and honored to meet them.

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