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Global Leadership Summit Day 2 (Vijay Govindarajan)

The WCA Global Leadership Summit is coming to a close. Unfortunately I had to leave the host site I was a part of before the final session. I thought I would share the insights, inspirations, and most significant messages I took away from day 2.

This specific post is about the guy who really blew my mind today. Business professor Vijay Govindarajan. He was amazing and everything he shared had deep implications for the church. Here are some of the things I took away from his interview with departing WCA president Jim Mellado:


  1. “Ongoing operations are at odds with innovation.”

  2. “Dominant logic is a double edged sword.”

  3. “Dominant logic can become our self-imposed boundaries inhibiting innovation”

  4. “Innovative leaders have to be humble.”

  5. “Innovation is not about value for money, it’s about value for many.”

  6. “Conflicts are healthy, providing you know how to handle them for the benefit of your future.”

  7. “The role of an innovative leader is to be humble and to harness the abilities of their organization.”

  8. “Box 3 is a bet on the future.”

  9. “The central leadership challenge is preserving dominant logic while overcoming it.”

He covered a ton of great material with obvious implications for every organization but in particular churches and denominational systems.

He spoke of the “3 box strategy” which involves:

  1. Box 1 = Manage the Present

  2. Box 2 = Selectively Abandon the Past

  3. Box 3 = Create the Future

In order to initiate “innovation” or create a “box 3” it requires:

  1. Performance Engine (“mother ship”)/Shared Staff + Partnering w/ “Dedicated Team”.

  2. Project Team = Dedicated Team + Shared Staff

  3. The dedicated team is custom built for the initiative.

  4. The shared staff retains in its existing responsibilities and supports the initiative.

Other key thoughts:

The way to hold the “box 3” accountable is to evaluate their ability to learn. They will have the opportunity to conduct low cost experiments to determine their effectiveness.

Again this was an absolutely riveting interview. I’m certain I haven’t even scratched the surface of the material he covered but this is what stuck!

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