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An Invitation to Grow as A Leader

June 25, 2012

Dear Wasatch Hills Church family, When I arrived to serve as your senior pastor back in late 2004 someone made it a point to let me know that we have a severe leadership deficit.  Over the past seven and a half years as your pastor that comment has constantly played over in my mind.  I’ve found it to be completely accurate.  It’s true from top to bottom. What I mean by that is it begins with me, your pastor.  I must get better as a leader.  I’ve had some high points and some very low points and I’m still learning.  August will mark 18 years of pastoral ministry for me.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how I’m doing as a leader.  At the same time I think about how on earth I can become a better leader.  I read books, tons of books.  I talk to other more seasoned pastors and church leaders as well as men and women in the market place.  You’ve graciously sent me to a leadership conference every year that I’ve been your pastor (thank you!) but I still know I need to get better. Since I truly believe that the local church is God’s primary vehicle for the expansion of His kingdom in this world I also believe that it has to have the best and most effective leaders at every level.  In other words in order for us (the church) to achieve our fullest kingdom potential we must LEAD and we must develop as LEADERS. That is why I can’t help but encourage you to attend the Global Leadership Summit on August 9-10, 2012 at our church.  Our church is the only premier host site in the entire state of Utah!  That means we’re hosting (via satellite) one of the most significant Christian leadership development conferences on the planet!  You’ve heard me mention the Summit from up front on a number of occasions.  Well, here I am again simply to extend a personal invitation to YOU as a member/attender of Wasatch Hills. We’ve committed to having 50 of our members attend this year at a special rate of $75.  This is an exclusive discount just for Wasatch members/attenders that can be extended to your closest friends and colleagues. 

            I believe that the Summit will inspire, encourage, and inform you in a way that will spark serious growth in your walk with God.  I know it has contributed to my own journey!  So, as your pastor I want to respectfully ask you to consider being a part of this year’s Summit.  Mark the dates on your calendar, ask for the time off, and show up ready to be challenged to lead better! In Christ,

Bernie Anderson, Pastor Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church P.S. If you want to learn more about Willow Creek and the Global Leadership Summit you can visit <> .

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