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“Parousia” New Message Series

I’m excited to begin a new series this Sabbath (May 2) focusing on the New Testament books of I & II Thessalonians. The word “parousia” is from the Greek and means “coming”, “presence”, “arrival” and is most often used in reference to the second coming of Jesus. There are a total of eight chapters between both books written by the apostle Paul to the  Thessalonians and in each chapter there is a specific reference to the “parousia”. I’ve really sensed a call to preach this series mainly because there are so many things going on in our world right now. With the current economic downturn, ongoing war, and recent news of a “swine flu” many are wondering if indeed Christ return is imminent. We’ll take the next 6 messages (possibly more) to journey through I & II Thessalonians together and find that indeed Christ will return for His people.

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