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New Message Series – Beginning Saturday May 26

New Message Series - Saturday Beginning May 26

A New Series, Leaving Laodicea: God is always aware of the spiritual condition of His people.  Since He desires a closeness to his followers he doesn’t hesitate to let us know when we’ve drifted away.  In the book of Revelation John shares with us God’s evaluation of the spiritual condition of seven churches.  The last church is Laodicea.  It receives the harshest of evaluations, yet at the same time God expresses a deep love for the church (Rev. 3:19).  So what message is there for God’s church on earth today?  Our study will reveal that God desires to be with His people, but He never forces a relationship.  Rather, He reveals to His people where they are so they they choose to return to Him.  His gift to us is patience, mercy, TRUTH, and love.

Part I: God’s Intervention, Rev. 3:14-16 (May 26)

Part II: The Path to Recovery, Rev. 3:17-18 (June 2)

Part III: An Invitation to More, Rev. 3:19-22 (June 9)

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