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When You’re Helpless

I was in Reno over Wednesday and Thursday last week for committee meetings at our church headquarters. I had no problem getting to Reno, but because of the unusual weather in Las Vegas (the city I connected through) my return trip was a bit more challenging. I ended up getting rerouted through Seattle and made it home safely Friday morning at 2 am. But it was while I was working with the gate agent in Reno, trying to figure out how to get back home that I witnessed something that started me thinking about Christmas, Church, and people.

Just a few feet away from the counter where I was talking to the gate agent was another flight attendant sitting in an airport wheelchair, with her bags next to her. Apparently she had become ill while on duty, and was attempting to make her way home. It was very clear to everyone standing in line that she was in distress. I could tell that she had even been crying, but her gate agent colleagues didn’t pay any attention to her. In fact they were clearly annoyed when the ailing flight attendant finally got their attention and explained her predicament. After reprimanding her for not speaking up sooner and some short, snappy exchanges the gate agents eventually assisted their co-worker with getting to another gate to catch her flight.

Granted, it was a stressful time, and people were making unreasonable demands considering our circumstances. But does that ever give us the right to be rude, and dismissive toward people? Do we get to ignore someone in need? The sick flight attendant looked just like her colleagues, she wore the same uniform, that bore the same logo, and pin, but she was treated worse than a stranger.

Jesus came to the earth looking just like you and me wrapped, in our flesh wearing the same “uniform”. He would eventually be rejected by many and treated in such a way that no one would want to be treated. Yet, He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Thankfully He didn’t leave us helpless and vulnerable, rather He rescued us and saved us in spite of our resistance to receiving Him as king.

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