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“Power Lab” Vacation Bible School

We’ve had a spectacular week of Vacation Bible School (July 7-11) this year. Close to 40 kids have come out each night to learn about the power of God. This year’s science-themed lessons provided creative visual illustrations that captivated the kids and brought home some powerful lessons:

Monday: Jesus gives us the power to be thankful.

Tuesday: Jesus gives us the power to help others.

Wednesday: Jesus gives us the power to be brave.

Thursday: Jesus gives us the power to live forever.

Friday: Jesus gives us the power to tell others about God. 

Each year Group (the company that produces the VBS curriculum) also include a mission project for children to do during the week of VBS. This year through Operation Kid-to-Kid/Group we purchased soccer balls for children in Africa. Our kids spent some time signing each soccer ball with personal notes and praying for the children who will receive them.

The games, drama, singing, and crafts would not have been possible without our incredible team of volunteers – so we thank each crew leader, snack provider, and everyone who helped make VBS such a special week! A huge thanks to Christina Anderson for all of her preparation work and leading out every night.

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