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Journal Entry III

Me with Elizabeth and her mother during HIV/AIDS project visit

Me with Elizabeth and her mother during HIV/AIDS project visit

Monday, 7-27-09 HIV/AIDS Project

My favorite project visit of the trip so far. The staff and children along with the the support group was just awesome! This project was about 2 hours outside of Nairobi in a more rural area. For that reason maybe it felt like the people were just bit warmer than city folks. From the very beginning they welcomed us with song and from that point we felt right at home. I was extremely impressed with the staff at this project. The team was led by a wonderful woman (volunteer) called “momma” I think Zippora is her real name. The rest of the team was made up of other volunteers and Compassion staff several were young ladies who carried themselves in a very professional manner and were very dedicated to the mission. Sheila, Kiro, and Evelyn are some of the names I remember.

Perhaps the thing that made the biggest impression at this project was visiting the home of a woman who is HIV positive. She and her daughter live in a very small house along with her son and a couple of other relatives. She was a very kind and warm lady and her daughter wants to be a hairstylist. The daughter is sponsored and shared with us pics and letters from her sponsor. What is also exceptional about Elizabeth is that she is 16 and not married. Now that may not sound exceptional for us in the US but for a young lady in Kenya if she isn’t able to go to school then she likely ends up getting married in her teens and any chance of an education is really lost.  With a Compassion sponsorship her life is really different.  Amen!

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