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Global Leadership Summit Day 1 Takeaways

Bill Hybels gave an impassioned message about the leader’s need for courage.

Main scriptural reference Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Notable quotes:

  1. “Every vision tests the medal of a leader.”

  2. “Step out in faith despite the fact that you’re vibrating with fear!”

  3. “There’s an extremely cool vision hidden within us.”

  4. “Staff culture will only be as healthy as the senior pastor wants it to be.”

  5. “Had to make some brave apologies.”

  6. “A flourishing culture is far more productive.”

  7. Courageous leadership demands fortitude.

  8. Courageous leadership requires that we define reality.

  9. Courageous leadership means building a fantastic culture.

  10. Courageous leadership requires that we take our vision and establish values.

  11. Courageous leadership is required in order to finish strong.

He also mentioned:

  1. It takes courage to keep leading amidst “blistering criticism”

  2. It takes courage to keep leading amidst “heartbreaking disappointment”

  3. It takes courage to keep leading when your marriage is under pressure or your son or daughter’s life is coming apart.

My thoughts:

Bill was really energized! It came through. He was intense, passionate, emotional. He made us laugh and cry but drove home some powerful lessons on leadership and courage. I rank this talk right up there with some of his best opening messages of past Summits.

The idea of culture really stood out to me. That’s where so many of us as leaders are. We’re trying to transform our internal culture or at least we pray to see God transform it. From what he was sharing it took roughly five years before they reach a level of “flourishing”. That’s with him agonizing on whether to address it or not. Problem is most of us leaders just don’t even go there! If we never take any intentional steps toward “defining reality” how can we ever begin to move from a place that’s toxic, status quo, or healthy?

The other thing that hit home was the “establishment of values”. Wow! That was powerful. The notion that we must move from having this “vision” to actually letting people know we can’t just talk about this anymore we must become this! He spoke about how it is the leaders job to finally say, “love it or leave it!”

Too many times we leaders leave it at the level of vision and hope and pray people just show up one day and get it. Moving to the place where that vision becomes a hard and fast value will take an enormous amount of courage.

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