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BIG(G) CHURCH Current Sermon Series @ Wasatch Hills

The book of Acts records the story of the first church as it emerges in the wake of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The followers of Christ were “witnesses” to all that Jesus did and spent time with him after His super natural resurrection. This experience coupled with Jesus instructions to “wait” for the Holy Spirit forged a movement that would ultimately turn the world upside down. It would also serve as a constant reminder to believers down through time of what it means to be a part of the “movement” called the church. In this series called BIG(G) Church we learn that church is a BIG deal. It was characterized by Boldness, Inspiration, Grace, and Generosity. This series is meant to call us to a new way of thinking about how to be the church in 2012. It is meant to challenge the status quo, to focus us outward instead of inward, to help us become “BIG(G)”.

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