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Barna Speaks: Action Steps

George Barna at NAD Ministries Convention

George Barna at NAD Ministries Convention

Here are some more of my notes from the Barna presentation in Myrtle Beach. At the end of his presentation he offered these “action steps” for churches that want to be effective at reaching people:

  1. Your church must really want to grow. (spiritual depth, determines their willingness to want to share their faith) not about numbers it is depth. Outreach is not a program it is a culture.

  2. Treat outsiders like people, not numbers.

  3. Let them maintain control of the relationship (anonymity is the desired starting point)

  4. Let them get in touch with God.

  5. Provide quality ministry (things they perceive as them gaining value) not all about relationship.

  6. Contextualize things without compromising ministry.

  7. Figure out what other churches are doing to reach them and collaborate.

  8. Pray for them behind their backs.

  9. Establish multiple entry points.

I would love to here your thoughts on these.

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