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5 Talking Points on Sexual Integrity

5 Talking Points on Sexual Integrity

5 Talking Points on Sexual Integrity

Yesterday I spent some time with a guy who is struggling greatly with porn and sexual sin.  It cost him his first marriage and very well may cost him his current marriage.  He feels helpless and hopeless.  He’s desperate for a change.  We prayed for a breakthrough, and came up with a strategy to begin to help him climb out of the pit.

After my time with him though, I started thinking about our conversation and what I’ve learned over the years about the pain and discomfort of breaking free and remaining free.  I’ve put those thoughts together in 5 talking points (probably more to come later) that I’ll write articles about in my next 5 posts.  I’m praying that they will encourage those who find themselves in the same struggle.

I welcome your comments, and thoughts as I share:

  1. Pornography is an enemy of intimacy.

  2. A loss of anonymity is a powerful weapon in the battle for sexual integrity.

  3. Discovering and living out our purpose is the foundation for sustained victory.

  4. God’s plan for sobriety isn’t merely abstinence.  His plan is always transformation so that rather than simply resisting the bad I am motivated to do the good.

  5. A sign of legitimate sobriety is a person’s desire to help others find freedom.

These are by no means meant to be the final words on this issue.  But they come from my own journey and represent what I believe are some of the core issues we face as we strive for integrity.

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