The-Hamster-Wheel-LifestyleWhat is the true way to freedom? Everyone must decide for themselves but there are generally two paths that are taken. One does indeed lead to the life we were intended for. A life of freedom, purity, and joy at a deep level. The other is more like living in a hamster cage spinning on one of those wheels.

I’ll start with the second path because either we’re on it now or we’ve been on it at some point in our past. It’s the way of “Acting Out” which in the recovery world has to do with attempting to fulfill a legitimate need in an illegitimate way. It generally consists of excessive and obsessive entertainment, eating, exercise, or even religion that become a temporary escape.

It has the impact on the soul that a diet of only carbs has on your waistline. The hunger returns and the cycle is renewed.

The “Acting Out” way undermines relationships as well. We tend to have no patience for others and certainly no time to nurture deep relationships. We might also find ourselves rude, judgmental and habitually passive aggressive. There’s no real intentional distancing from others per se, but it’s simply the fruit of a life spent in paranoia and not peace. Our preoccupation with easing the pain of our existence undermines others attempts at getting behind our walls.

I like what Dr. Harry Schaumburg has to say about this way of life in his classic work, False Intimacy, “The Fall did not diminish our capacity for intimacy; it created a distortion and an agonizing disruption of intimacy. Each of us longs to break through the limitations of our existence into a blissful unending intimacy with others. Such a dream cannot, however, be fulfilled. So we desensitize our hunger and thirst for the pre-fallen state by preoccupying ourselves with career, family, food, sex, leisure, and other distractions. But no diversion can richly satisfy our souls. Inner emptiness, the result of original sin, lies just below the surface of the illusion we create in order to cope with life.”

Now there is another way. It is to “Set Out”. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that God does His most meaningful work when we “set out” on a journey to recover the soul and seek deeper, and more meaningful relationships. Remember, these are soul issues and soul issues demand that we set out on a journey.

You can read back over the lives of some of the people we admire in the Bible. Abraham, Jonah, David, Mephibosheth (journeyed back to the king’s table after being exiled), Paul, and Jesus himself. Journeys not trips, not little escapes to fantasy island but wild, dangerous, risky journeys. I take trips all the time. Trips to the grocery store when my wife needs a particular item for a meal she’s making. Or a trip to the school to deliver a forgotten lunch or iPad. There’s nothing particularly profound about those trips. But a journey is different.

There’s the unknown, mysterious, the uncertain. It’s also going to take time and a willingness to endure. To do it right also means you recruit a support team. Because with any great journey you’ll need help. Then there’s the possibility that things could go wrong, there’s the chance that you could relapse into old habits and get derailed altogether. But it’s a chance you’re willing to take because the alternative isn’t really living. You could say it’s just “trip’n out”, ok, so I’m probably too old to use that language! Still, stop trip’n and set out on a journey.

I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.” -The Prodigal Son


2016-03-14-1457919607-8705379-resurrectionAs a pastor in Salt Lake City, UT I remember hearing a story that would become a national headline. The story was about Aron Ralston, a 27 year old, avid outdoorsman who was hiking and climbing alone in a remote area of Canyonlands National Park near Moab, UT on a Saturday in 2003.

At some point during Aron’s climbing adventure he became pinned in a 3-foot wide slot canyon. Apparently as he made his way through, a boulder became dislodged and slipped down the canyon wedging itself in the canyon and pinning Aron’s right arm against the canyon wall. By Tuesday he had run out of water, by Thursday he realized that it would take something quite drastic to free himself or he would die pinned there with his arm beneath the boulder. As the saying goes Aron was literally, “caught between a rock and a hard place.”

He reached for his multitool which included a dull 2-inch knife, and there, in what’s known as Blue John Canyon, Aron Ralston cut through his own arm just below the elbow. After that, he managed to apply a tourniquet, do a little first aid, rig some anchors, fix a rope, and rappel to the bottom of the canyon. Then he walked out to meet the emergency personnel who had been searching for him.

If you think about it the Bible portrays our human spiritual dilemma in much the same way. We were in quite the jam as well, caught in a similar predicament not physically but spiritually. We were unable to maneuver to free ourselves despite our frustrated efforts to do so.

The book of Romans describes our life and death struggle saying:

“Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned” Romans 5:12

This is the “rock and a hard place” for every single person. Could anything be done about it? Could we become “unhemmed” and find our way out of the predicament. Out from under the pressure of sin that threatened to destroy us?

Better question, could we do anything to be free from certain death? The Bible thankfully doesn’t call for any self-amputation. But, there would have to be an “amputation” for sure, and not just of a limb, but an entire body. Jesus Christ himself, as predicted by the prophet Isaiah, 700 years before Jesus would even walk on the earth, would be “cut off” from the land of the “living” for our sins, a “lamb” taken to slaughter. (Isaiah 53:8)

Just a few verses prior in verse 5 of Isaiah 53 Isaiah describes it even more vividly:

Isaiah 53:5 (NIV)
“But he was pierced for our transgressions, HE was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon HIM, and by HIS wounds we are healed.”

So this passage reveals to us something absolutely crucial to the Gospel. Rather than you and I being crushed Jesus takes our place. He substituted himself. Put himself in the jam. When the weight of death was pressing on you and me, He said, let it be me and not them! I’ll take their place out of a deep profound love for them. That’s why Tim Keller says:

“All real, life-changing love is substitutionary, sacrificial love.” -Tim Keller

I’m a fan of the warehouse store COSTCO. But I always get a little paranoid that somewhere between the checkout counter where they give you your receipt and the exit where they check to see if you have a receipt that I could lose that receipt and be in trouble!

Think of the resurrection as a receipt! It shows that you’re covered. That what Jesus purchased is legit! So Jesus pays for everything then we get credit for it and then can show the receipt showing that our lives have been paid for. There’s only one way to receive the receipt and that is by declaring your belief in the legitimacy of the claims of Jesus. Here’s Paul talking about it in Romans:

Romans 10:9-10
9 If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.
11“Anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced.” 12 …who gives generously to all who call on him. 13 For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Whatever ROCK you been living under the RESURRECTION is a guarantee that you don’t have to LIVE under it and you don’t have to do any crude amputations.

The RESURRECTION is a RECEIPT that says it’s all been PAID and accepted in FULL. Stop living under a rock! Stop trying to save yourself. THE COST OF FREEDOM IS SIMPLY TO BELIEVE!

God is Always There

Bernie Anderson —  March 2, 2016

John “JP” Boyle

Today is March 2 which is always a tough day for our family. It is the day my wife lost her only brother “JP” a little over a decade ago. He was in his 20’s and full of life and fun and had everything to look forward to. Needless to say the grief in many ways is still very real even to this day. My in-laws are beautiful, salt-of-the-earth type of people who have grieved their son’s passing (as any parent should) very deeply because they have this enormous capacity to love very deeply. When you love so intensely the loss is all the more devastating. I’m glad they managed to pass along that capacity to love to their daughter, Christina, who has been my wife for the past 21 years. Lord knows without it she would have kicked me to the curb a long time ago! (smile)

But I can tell you that there has never been a darker time for us. Those months surrounding JP’s death brought everyone to their knees. I ended up in the hospital and couldn’t even officiate the funeral. All I could do was lay in that stupid hospital bed wishing I could be with Christina and serve our family. Or at least hold my girls close as they watched adults weep and grieve all around them.

Just prior to JP’s death I had gone public about my addiction to pornography. I actually got a phone call from Newsweek Magazine while we were preparing for the funeral. Christina, as you might imagine, provided tremendous support for her parents while at the same time having to grapple with whether to re-invest in a marriage that had been deeply fractured by my acting out. Then throw in the awkwardness of having friends and church members talk about our story and you can imagine the difficult time it was. So when we received the news that JP had been in a horrific accident and learned early the next morning that he had passed away it was surreal to say the least. We were numb, dismayed, and disoriented.

There’s no question in my mind that the heaviness, and darkness of those weeks surrounding JP’s death and the chaos that I had caused could have easily crushed us were it not for a profound and abiding sense of God’s presence. Please don’t take that as cliche`either or any attempt at being overly pious. That’s not the case at all. This comes from a deeply held belief that I’ve clung to my entire life as a believer. That belief is simply that

Even when it seems like God shouldn’t be there for us, like in times of rebellion and sin. You know how it is, right? When we consciously make choices that should make us unattractive to God. It’s even natural to believe that there’s no way God could stand to be anywhere near us!  Which when you really think about the gospel, can’t possibly be true.

Perhaps we get it twisted because we’ve experienced the sin-tainted “love” of the broken people around us.

Human love doesn’t hang around mediocrity. When we underperform or don’t meet certain expectations others have of us we can lose the affection and attention of those who decide that we’re no longer worthy.

Not so for with God, He’s the one who says in Jeremiah 31:3 “The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Doesn’t sound like a God ready to jet at the first sign of trouble or embarrassment.

Times of grief, pain, and brokenness come for sure. That’s just the reality of life in a messed up world. But as sure as darkness and even death are a reality for us. So to is the reality of a God who is always there. We all miss JP, we can’t help but smile at the memories of his love for hamburgers (In-N-Out) and cheesecake. Even when the lingering shards of grief remind us of how the world has missed out on his presence these last 12 years. We’ll never forget that back then, and even now God never left us and He never will.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

Facing Challenges

Bernie Anderson —  February 25, 2016

howtofacechallengeIf you follow professional sports at all then you know there’s a common saying around the NFL and other major sports that says, “defense wins championships!”. Now that’s likely true in the sports world but when it comes to gaining and maintaining sobriety from pornography and other sexually explicit activity it takes more than a great defense. It’s like another saying in sports for when a team has a lead, and they’re on the verge of a great victory only to lose to the opposing team in the last seconds because they relied on their defense and, “played not to lose.”

Especially when scripture hints at the notion that we are already more than “conquerers” (Romans 8:37). Fact is, there’s a good chance that if we put half as much intensity into doing important, good, recovery work instead of always defending ourselves from attack and avoiding bad stuff we could see major progress.

This thought is prevalent throughout scripture. Consider what Benaiah did when he met up with a lion and could have retreated, but instead it says,“He also went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion,” (1 Chron. 11:22b). For me that would seem like a perfect opportunity to run the opposite direction of the lion. Not Benaiah though, he follows the lion into a pit for close quarters combat. He didn’t retreat, didn’t hunker down in a hole somewhere. He advanced, attacked and ultimately got the kill.

Again, the apostle Paul, in his first letter to the young pastor Timothy, “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” (1Tim. 6:12) Don’t miss words like, “fight”, “take hold of”, this isn’t a passive, casual thing we’re doing. It isn’t that we simply hope to one day be free. It is in fact, or should be, our deepest desire, and it demands more than giving our friend the password to our accountability software.

What is important is to think carefully about what our end game is. Do we want to simply be abstinent or do we want to be holy? Do we merely want to cease our illicit activity or do we want to be transformed? What we pursue, we ultimately achieve either for better or for worse, or we flail around in mediocrity paying lip service, but never really getting anywhere.

But the pursuit of sobriety is a work of God within the soul of a believer. It does not allow for a passive, “ho-hum”, approach. It moves a believer well beyond behavior modification.

Holiness then, has at its end new life, new pursuits, and new affections. For the Thessalonians Paul would clarify holiness as the very will of God, putting it this way, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality…” 1 Thessalonians 4:3

Lastly, don’t put it off another second! Start clawing your way out of that dark hole you’ve been living in today. Remember we’re playing to win. “But you, man of God, flee from all of this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.” I Timothy 6:11

holinessMy wife (Christina) is a Child-Life Specialist, her job is to help children be at ease in a hospital setting. For kids, hospitals can be big scary places with lots of strange things and lots of strange people wanting to talk to them and do things to them. But in order for them to receive what they need my wife’s job is to bring calm to their little worlds and prepare them for what’s coming. She even uses what is called “play therapy” at times to help kids. Her job then, understanding the developmental stages of the children she works with is to normalize the hospital for children so that they are comfortable receiving the care they need.

Holiness seems like a rather outdated idea that was really only meant for people who lived in Bible times and especially those in the Old Testament. But holiness is actually the way the Bible says that God isn’t normal, or always comfortable, that He is other, and different, and cannot be normalized. Holiness is to speak of the transcendent nature of God. It is to make humanity aware of the fact that God, while He connects intimately with us He is ultimately quite alien to us. The great paradox being he has the capacity to become known to us while at the same time remaining separate, mysterious, and unknown. Holiness is essentially the Bible’s way of saying God is different.

So here’s the kicker, God expects us to be different (holy) too. The New Testament picks up on the idea in 1 Peter 1:16, “For it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” This isn’t a weird holiness. You can spot weird holiness from a mile off. It’s merely a spectacle and not intended for God’s glory but the glory of the weirdos. Real holiness is much deeper and primarily concerns itself with impressing God rather than others.

So here are 7 key ideas on personal holiness and what it means to live differently:

  1. Holiness or being “different” is ultimately about trusting God with our lives. Trust is huge in any relationship but makes all the difference when it comes to our relationship with God. When we give ourselves over too God and become exclusive only to Him, that is holiness. Means we are set-apart and allowing God alone to direct us in every way. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  2. Holiness is the outworking of the gospel. The gospel is good news about what Jesus has done. When we live in this reality we live humbly knowing that we can’t take credit for any part of our salvation. Gospel humility is evidence of the fact that God has done a holy work on the inside that is now becoming visible on the outside. It’s always for His glory and not our own.
  3. Holiness begins with God and not man. Most of the time we get “holy” because we want the approval of those around us. That’s the wrong place to start. It all begins with responding to the call of God. It means Knowing in our hearts that we haven’t taken our relationship with God seriously and it’s time for a change.
  4. Holiness demands a change in thinking not just actions. Let’s not make holiness just about behavior modification. People mainly think in terms of what they need to stop doing or begin to do more of. But Romans 12:1-2 hints at the idea that holiness is a matter of the “renewing” of our minds. No question about it! Holiness is more a matter of the transformation of my mind than just stopping bad behavior or even starting good behavior. When the mind is renewed holy behavior is simply the end result.
  5. Holiness is doing the right thing with the right heart. Churches are often places where people do the right thing for the wrong reason just to keep up appearances. That’s never been God’s plan. God invites us to do the right thing with the right heart that belongs to Him. That’s why he promises to write his law on our hearts. At the end of the day it’s all about the right motivation to live holy. That motivation comes from a heart drenched in love and respect for God.
  6. Holiness is knowing how to balance being different from the “world” with love. Sometimes our holiness is a turn off to the culture around us. Mainly because we forget about how crucial demonstrating love is. Jesus was the holiest of all and yet he was able to walk among the most unholy and still be attractive. Holiness may demand separation in some instances but holiness shouldn’t be a total turn off to those around us. Our calling is to always walk in humility and love toward those around us who don’t know God.
  7. Holiness is swimming against the current when it comes to things that matter most to God. As much as we love the culture around us there does come a time when we stand against the culture’s values. This can be hard because we’ll get labeled as intolerant and unloving. Still, we are meant to first and foremost love God and bring Him glory. When we encounter something in the culture that only diminishes God’s glory we would do well to stand against it in a God-honoring but determined way.

CVy5SVJWIAAIFLcSuper Bowl 50 is over and with it the love affair we were having with the young, “man-of- steel-like” quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton. At 6′ 5″ and 245 pounds his physical appearance alone commanded our attention. Throw in that smile, charm, and simple childlike exuberance he put on display all season and we couldn’t help but get drawn in to a dab-filled good time!

But the Panthers lost and it wasn’t pretty. In fact they looked overwhelmed from the beginning. Deer in the headlights big time! No dab from Cam and the only dabs we did see were mocking gestures from Broncos fans and players. On top of that, there had to have been some seriously disappointed kids who were expecting to receive an authentic NFL Super Bowl game ball in celebration of a Panther touchdown. It didn’t happen.

This is a post about Cam’s leadership by the way, so let me get on with it. Here’s what I like:

  1. His ENERGY. is contagious and ENERGY matters for every leader. The sideline selfies, ball giveaways, jumping, and chest bumping is electric. Honestly, I thought he seemed tired during the Super Bowl. For the life of me I couldn’t spot that same spark of ENERGY that we saw during the playoff wins.
  2. His CONTENTION. This is where he gets called all kinds of names but I’m ok with it being a positive leadership trait at times. Perhaps it’s what draws people to Donald Trump. It’s the equivalent of singing, “I did it my way…”.

    I say you lead in your own armor. Don’t be a jerk about it (like Trump IMO) in terms of how you treat others but do lead in the way the good Lord gifted and made you.

  3. His CONFIDENCE. Some would call it “cockiness” and perhaps there’s a bit of that going on for a 26 year old millionaire on a big stage. Still, who do you want leading you? Give me the confident guy and we’ll work on the humility over time.
  4. His PAST MARKED BY A TURNING POINT. Trauma can focus us.

    The roll over car accident didn’t leave him with any life-threatening injuries but there’s something to having your body jarred that also jars your soul. He was awakened to the reality of just what a gift it is to be on the stage that he gets to perform on. My guess is, it is was what drove him to “enjoy” and “have fun” this season.

The ONE TO GROW ON. YES, he needs to GROW. But so did you when you were in your 20s. Biggest area of GROWTH: understanding that leaders are always leaders even when we come up short of our dreams. For whatever reasons Cam hung up his leadership cape and settled instead for a sulking dismissive post Super Bowl interview that truly embodied the fictional comic book character he emulates. He showed us that there really is no Superman. There are only real men and real leaders who step up on the biggest stages and lead despite the circumstances.

This was a small setback. Personally I have great hope that in the coming years Cam will indeed become a leader that takes his team to a Super Bowl championship. In fact this loss may just be the catalyst he needs.

maxresdefaultRemember in the Westerns back in the day and a cowboy would be going along and find himself trapped in quicksand? The desert of the wild west was just treacherous it seems. Saw my share of TV cowboys get sucked under never to return. That’s the thing about recovery. It’s treacherous at times. Potential for relapse is ever present. You’ll be going along just fine and out of no where you find yourself getting sucked back in to destructive behavior.

I don’t think there’s a way to avoid the “quicksand” but there’s no reason we have to get sucked under and lose ourselves in the old ways. I’ve been there and discovered there are some real culprits that undermine my recovery process. So, here are 5  biblical ways to avoid the quicksand of relapse based on

I Corinthians 16:13-14” Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 14 Do everything in love.” (NIV)

  1. “Be on your guard…”: There’s defense and offense. The offense is the most powerful if you ask me. Don’t just build up your defenses (accountability software, filters etc.) make sure you’re “doing” some things that build on the good work you’ve already done. That may mean a tough conversation with someone you’ve avoided. It may mean real engagement in the restoration of your marriage. Whatever it is, often the fight isn’t just defensive resisting or avoiding the bad it’s also the offensive doing of the good and healthy things that keep us sober.
  2. “Stand firm in the faith…”: Another word for FAITH is TRUST.

    There is MERCY, and grace for the present, future, and the past. You’re right with God based on the goodness of Jesus not your own. Your “goodness” is filthy rags. Find PEACE in that reality and don’t lay down when you stumble, get back up and “STAND”, as the verse says.

  3. “Be men of courage…”: Men and women have to demonstrate tremendous courage. The courage to be vulnerable and open about where you really are. The courage to speak up to a trusted friend when you’ve gotten sucked back in to the point where you’re fearful that you might act out again. Courageous enough to admit that your wound still oozes and you’ve only been putting bandaids on a gaping hole.
  4. “Be strong…”: Soul strength is acquired through “soul” exercise. The spiritual disciplines matter. They strengthen you from the inside out. It’s the work of the Spirit. Remember Paul’s words, “live by the Spirit and you won’t gratify the lusts of the flesh.” Getting “strong” demands a pursuit of intimacy with Jesus daily. It demands prayer, Sabbath, meditation, fasting, sacrifice, even solitude.
  5. “Do everything in love.”:

    . A treasured gift of the Spirit is, “love” and it’s what motivates us. If we truly love we’ll do whatever it takes to escape the strong pull toward relapse not only for our good but for the good of those we love. True love is other-centered rather than self-centered it has as it’s highest priority the good of the beloved. To do “everything” in love is to always act in my own self-interest but in the interest of others.



During a presentation to a group of parents recently I was asked what the absolute first thing I would tell a young guy to do so that he can maintain sexual integrity in today’s culture. Terrific question. Well, here’s the answer! Download and use X3Watch NOW!

Here’s the thing, if you struggle with porn or even if you don’t, one of the places we’re all vulnerable is online. To stay accountable online I use X3 watch from Since I’m constantly online using my iPhone 6 plus I have it installed there. It works!

Over 1 million people have downloaded this FREE accountability software since 2004. My friend Craig Gross and the team at X3Watch have written some great posts about how X3Watch can help you understand just why it should be a part of your recovery plan. Click here to check out what they’ve written.

Here are my five reasons YOU should start using either X3Watch or the Premium version that is well worth the cost.

  1. Removes the “cloak” of ANONYMITY. Here’s the thing. People seem to lose all inhibitions when online and alone. So there are things you do, say, and look at that you wouldn’t do if someone was looking over your shoulder. X3 Watch is that “friend over your shoulder” that keeps you from being anonymous and destructive to yourself and the people who love you.
  2. Reminds me of my PURPOSE. When you lose sight of just why the good Lord put you on this earth there’s a tendency to stray off into all kinds if nonsense.

     It means that before you’re ever tempted online you’ve determined that you’re not going to let online porn be an escape in moments of weakness.

  3. MOTIVATES me to resist the urge. Yep, it’s true, we ALL get urges, longings and desires. That’s appropriate and normal. The question becomes how we deal with them when they come up.

     It reminds me that I’m not alone and I have someone else pulling for me. It’s HIGHLY motivating.

  4. Lets my wife know I’m SERIOUS. If you’re a dude who is trying to win back his wife then you need to understand that she’ll respond more to your actions than your words. If you download X3Watch and start using it she’ll see that you’re serious about getting FREE and staying FREE. She’ll see that you’re serious about leaving your secret, online sex life behind. That’s awesome for her and she just might stay around!
  5. IT’S FREE! Need I say more? Click on any X3Watch link in this post or logo on my site for more info.


walking-shoesMowing my yard is a bit of an escape. If you ask my neighbors they would probably say I should “escape” more often. But mowing does provide a weird sort of solitude for me. It’s likely related to how the mower manages to drown out the noise of life for a little while. Couple that with the physicality of doing yard work and it’s a beautiful distraction.

It is during these times of solitude and inner stillness that important thoughts, themes, or metaphors come to mind. So just a few weeks ago I was mowing my yard and had to maneuver around some unpleasant droppings my dog had just made. Truth is, it had been some time since the last thorough pick up of droppings so I had to dodge quite a few bombs. Which is precisely the reason I wear an old pair of sneakers when I mow. I’ve worn them so much for mowing that they have very attractive green stains across the toes.
Then the thought occurred to me. What if I mowed the grass in a nice pair of expensive basketball shoes? What if I wore a new pair of $225 Jordan XX9’s or some other expensive shoe named after an NBA celebrity?  Not only that, but what if I wore them without any care or concern for the dog droppings and just slogged through pile after pile of my pet’s unpleasant waste?
Wouldn’t make any sense, right? Why would you take such an expensive pair of sneakers and use them for yard work when they are meant for the basketball court? Why would anyone want to leave grass stains on such a stylish and hip brand? Our lives, our very souls are far more valuable than any famous pair of sneakers. Not only that God has in mind for us a far greater purpose. Yet, when it comes to porn it seems we have no problem at all not only walking through but wallowing in pile after pile of the crap. With little to know thought or care for the impact it has on our soul.
So here’s what I hope we’ll learn from this little parable inspired by my weekly yard work. It’s a truth we may need to confront. Continually viewing porn is like buying a pair of high-priced Air Jordans and walking in dog crap over and over. Remember, there’s always a smell, crap fills the sole (SOUL), and it (STICKS) so you can never really get rid of the (sorry, there’s just no other way to put it!) S#@%!
“you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” I Cor. 6:20